What We Do

We have something for everyone. Check out all the ways we can help you.

Private Consultation

Your journey with AchievED starts here. Book an individual advising session with our expert consultants. We can review an essay, answer your questions, or help you find suitable colleges—the time is all yours.

Quick & Easy Review

Want your essay reviewed, but aren't available for a session? With Quick & Easy Review, we will provide detailed, comprehensive comments on your essays within 24 hours, guaranteed!

The All-in Program

Fully committed to maximizing your admissions goals? Our team will evaluate you as an applicant, formulate an action-oriented plan, and assist you during your entire college application process.

Our Focuses

Some of the major areas where we provide comprehensive advice, guidance, and support during consultations. You may choose from any or all of the focuses below, or we can even create a custom experience for you.

All Things Essays

Whether you want help brainstorming essay topics or a professional essay review, we are here to help! We'll assess any or all of your college application essays. You'll receive our professional tips to improve your word choice, strengthen your main ideas, and make your writing shine in the eyes of admissions officers.

College List Optimization and Review

We'll help you build and optimize your college list, ensuring you have an adequate amount of reach, target, and safety schools. Whether you already have a dream school or are searching for fit colleges, we'll provide recommendations and advice. Of course, you make the final calls. Having a well-constructed college list will help you no matter where you are in your college application journey.

Standardized Testing Guidance

We'll help you prepare for standardized tests such as the SAT and ACT by discussing studying tips, testing strategies, and the significance of the different tests. We'll also help you determine whether the SAT or ACT is better for you.

Resume Building and Organization

The most in-depth, skilled review of your high school resume yet. We'll go over formatting, wording, and design to make your resume professional.

Mock Admissions Office Scoring

We pretend we are your dream school's admissions officers. We review and comment on your "submitted" application as if we are deciding whether to admit you. It's our quickest yet most comprehensive way to improve your application as deadlines near.

GPA & Class Optimization

Believe it or not, GPA is a game that must be played. We'll teach you how to take the right classes to optimize your GPA. GPA itself does not matter as much as class rank, which compares you to other students in your class. Many colleges look at class rank.

Extracurricular Strategy

Extracurriculars are where you can most distinguish yourself from other applicants. We'll discuss how you can participate and lead in extracurriculars that match your interests and strengths. We'll recommend competitions and events that can win you prestigious awards and put you above the rest.

Scholarships, Financial Aid, and Post-Submission Details

Our service includes areas tangentially related to college applications, including but not limited to applying to outside scholarships, applying for financial aid, and what to do after you've submitted your applications.

With AchievED, you get strong experience, a proven record, and incredible service. We focus on advising applicants reaching for the top 50 colleges in the country. We've just gone through high school ourselves, so we know how to best help you achieve your admissions goals.

The following is what you can expect from us.